Having trained in textile design, Camilla (Millie) sold scarves and clothes to well known stores around the world. After nearly twenty years in the fashion business, she took a short break to have her daughter Emmanuelle (Manu) but designing is always in your blood and she just couldn’t resist creating clothes for her daughter as my mother had done for her & her sisters.

 Her aim for milliemanu, is to capture the quality, care and quintessential British style from the clothes of her childhood while bringing them up to date for 2018 with a relevant, contemporary twist. 

This season’s collection are designed and made here in the UK using only the finest natural fabrics using the skills of talented craftsman and specialist manufacturers in the UK, while reducing the environmental footprint of each product.  

With this in mind, Milliemanu try to source responsibly and are working hard towards ensuring all the materials they use are produced, fairly, ethically, sustainably and close to home so they positively benefit local economies as well as the environment.